Cape Girardeau, MO – Nexus Construction Service Group (Nexus) was approached by 1,600-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station to provide a Near Field Landfill/Waste System-Life of Site Study.  The coal fired by-product, fly ash, required the landfill be designed and permitted prior to the generating station be opened.  Essentially this study will result in a 10-year landfill development and execution plan to reduce operating expenses and balance capital expenditures for the plant.  Nexus will utilize the permitted design for the landfill and work congruently with the plant operations to reconfigure the overall landfill into cells over the 500+ acre landfill. 

The power station moves its by-product through a conveyor system to a dry ash monofill.  Providing early constructability analysis allows Nexus to utilize 3D file building technology.  This technology will provide Nexus the ability to assist the generating company to create a sequencing plan to determine conveyed materials quantities and conveyor moves for cell construction and closure.  Once finalized, the generating company will save labor and operating costs over the next decade, while simultaneously providing a more equally distributed and balanced capital expense budget.

According to Dennis Underwood, President of Nexus Construction Service Group, “We are very excited to work with our client on this 10-year plan.  This project is very technical in nature with reconfiguration plans, cell open and closure plans, timing of cell limits, storm drainage controls and more.  Partnering on this project will allow the owner to potentially see significant OPEX and CAPEX savings over the next decade.”


Nexus Construction Service Group provides constructability analysis, budgeting & estimating, GPS file building, site civil construction management and owner’s representation to a variety of owners and general contractors in Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas 

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