Budgeting & Estimating

As they say, “Time is money.”

The major difference between Nexus Construction Service Group and other site civil construction managers is our level of field-based knowledge combined with professional engineering staff assisting the design engineer, creating the most affordable and timely project. 

By creating a contractor-based budget based on construction methods, calculated quantities, actual crews, machine and man-hours, Nexus doesn’t rely on an engineer or general contractor to create a budget using “historical” unit prices. This provides a level of expert-driven budgeting and estimating straight from the horse’s mouth.

Additionally, our field-based experience allows us to identify many value-engineering options. Beginning with a set of plans, we have the capability to envision the end product before any clearing, excavating or site utilities are installed. Using a highly competent team of engineers, surveyors and field employees, we can identify potential scope changes, areas to save time, and/or areas to improve the quality of your finished project. Primarily driven by communication directly with the civil engineers, a high level of trust at the outset of your project helps to minimize the dreaded change orders and reduces jobsite delays.

Lastly, by working directly with the civil design team we can ensure bid documents are complete and comprehensive. While we understand virtually every construction project incurs design changes and addendums, we believe changes to the site excavation and utilities installation should not slow a project down.