Constructability Analysis

The site development detective work

How a construction project begins is equally as important as – if not more important than – how a project is completed. By identifying costs and risks during the preconstruction phase of a project, Nexus Construction Service Group provides a level of confidence for the owner, developer or general contractor by covering (and sometimes uncovering) potential cost risk before any excavating equipment touches the site. Nexus Construction Services Group provides constructability analysis that:

  • Works through design and permitting issues, including site balancing, remediation of existing fill areas/poor or expansive soil conditions, utility conflicts and sequencing of rock and earth fill operations. These and other issues could require special permits. The application and approvals of these permits always have the potential to impact the design.
  • Develops and identifies scheduling conflicts early in the process. In addition to the design and permitting issues above, major milestone dates will be determined. After those dates are determined, Nexus can analyze the construction duration of the different components of the site work – e.g., clearing, soil remediation, rock blasting, grading, utility installation, paving, off-site improvements, etc. – to ensure the milestone dates are met. If not, the schedule or design can be adjusted. We can also determine areas of risk and cost as they relate to the schedule.
  • Reviews final construction documents and specifications for accuracy of design and completeness. A thorough review of final construction documents is that check and balance that allows for those last-minute, unforeseen items and potential game-changers to be addressed. Working in conjunction with the civil engineer of record or as an owner’s representative, you can rest assured we have taken the necessary steps to guarantee a successful project launch.