GPS File Building with a Constructability Mindset

GPS File BuildingUsing state-of-the-art technology, Nexus Construction Service Group is at the forefront of GPS file building. Often working directly with the civil engineer, Nexus' team of experienced GPS file building professionals provides another level of surety in uncovering errors and lack of detail on original plans. 

Nexus Construction Service Group GPS file building does several things:

  • Saves owners, developers and general contractors time and money up front.
  • Provides invaluable field experience insight, bringing the strategic thinking about how a job is actually constructed in the field, including such issues as identifying areas where ponding may occur, finding curb and gutter errors, verifying incorrect elevations and uncovering conflicts of information such as structure tops not meeting contours.
  • Provides a resource for smaller subcontractors who don't have the in-house capability to create GPS files, which are then input into today's modern machinery.
  • Offers a value-added level of internal quality control. Nexus’s team double checks its GPS files against the construction drawings and can offer them back to the engineer for a third verification.
  • Streamlines the process by simplifying the project management and coordination of a construction project.

As our name states, Nexus is frequently the link between civil engineers and general contractors providing turnaround times significantly faster than most modeling companies. Due to our level of field experience we can communicate directly with civil engineers, often eliminating unnecessary meetings for general contractors to correct errors in original design and engineering.

For owners/developers, our GPS file building allows for the utilization of one file for all 3-D modeling. For general contractors, these files allow for the control of a single-source file built for any number of site civil subcontractors.