Owner’s Representative

Providing site development risk flexibility

Site Preparation Construction ManagerNexus Construction Service Group’s acting as a CM-At-Risk affords owners, property developers, and general contractors the flexibility to determine how much site development risk they are willing to absorb on a construction project. For many general contractors who do not self-perform work, the site development CM-At-Risk is an excellent option for risk mitigation on their contract. By offering to deliver a project within a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) based on the construction documents and specifications, Nexus provides professional services and acts as a consultant to the owner, developer or general contractor in both the design development and construction phases.

In addition to acting in the owner's interest, Nexus manages and controls construction costs to not exceed the GMP, because contractually any costs exceeding the GMP that are not change orders are Nexus’ financial liability. By giving the owner the GMP prior to bids, Nexus assumes the risk of site development bids coming in higher. This does not mean we always accept the lowest bid; rather, we find the excavation and grading contractor we feel offers the most cost-effective solution for site preparation.

Additionally, as an owner’s representative, we continually manage the project with the owner’s best interest in mind at all times. Above and beyond budget, this includes managing and coordinating a project, working with the civil engineer on construction documents, guaranteeing contingencies are built into the GMP, providing constructability and value engineering to the owner and much more – for all of which Nexus will assume 100% of the risk.

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