Site Construction Management

Transparency in civil construction management for building owners, developers, and general contractors

Trimble GPS for Site SurveyingProviding sustainable civil construction management builds trust between all stakeholders on any construction project. Nexus Construction Service Group is a pioneer in the field of site civil construction management for building owners, property developers, and general contractors alike. Nexus is the link that ensures out-of-the-ground construction projects get started on the right foot where, often, a project can get upside-down from the beginning.

With a keen focus on providing constructible designs that save significant time, project cost savings are identified in advance, and areas for reducing potential cost overruns are discussed. On private projects, communication with the owner can allow for different ways to construct a project, such that we frequently provide a significant amount of value-engineered savings. Working with general contractors, communication with their on-site supervision allows for us to alert them to any anomalies not previously discovered.

Our mission is to provide a professional and personal level of service to our client that is second to none. Our team consists of a staff with significant field experience while previously employed with top-tier excavation and grading and contracting companies, ensuring all designs are constructible.

Our preconstruction services include surveying, conceptual design, preliminary design, and 3-D GPS file building to show potential site concepts and civil cost estimating.

Site Preparation Value Engineering

Once a project receives the green light, Nexus is your on-site partner for the duration of the project beginning with project scheduling. All our project managers are fully trained with Primavera P6 Scheduling software, allowing us to conduct three-month “look-ahead” planning. At project start-up, Nexus begins by providing topographic surveying, calibrating GPS-enabled equipment to the project coordinates, setting up machine controls and calibrating, setting up GPS rovers (site controllers), and providing project layout including jobsite staking for utilities and excavating grades. 

Throughout a project, Nexus not only communicates design changes directly with the engineer, but also completes monthly topographic surveys to determine the rate at which dirt and rock are being excavated and/or graded. This provides early detection of any site imbalance and prevents any long-term unforeseen circumstances on the project. As part of this monthly project management process, Nexus diagnoses any technical issues with machine controls and/or surveying equipment, and recalibration of machines occurs if need be.

In the end, accuracy of the finished product is greatly enhanced due to consistent site management, through re-checking and re-calibrating of GPS controllers and machinery providing final as-built topographic documents to the engineer or owner.

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